Hi there! We have reached the middle of May, and there are only 9 weeks left until my life changes for the better (I cannot wait). I hope you also have something to look forward to this summer. Everything in life comes with trade-offs, such as me having a baby and sacrificing my sleep, but it will be worth it. Before we move on!

Weekly Inventory Check:

You might wonder why this is necessary all the time. The truth is, the more you write things down, the more you hold yourself accountable. It helps you improve, regardless of what you desire. So review your monthly goals, assess your progress so far, and determine if you can achieve them within the next two weeks.


It is interesting to observe how often we overlook the trade-offs we make in our daily lives. We often believe that the world is our oyster and strive for win-win situations (as I mentioned in a previous newsletter). However, certain things come with a cost, and we must be willing to accept it. Simon Sinek also touched upon this in a video, stating that those who prioritize their careers often sacrifice their family life, and vice versa. We are not machines or computers operating at maximum efficiency. Even if you “gain more hours” by sleeping less, it comes at the expense of decreased productivity.

Today, I want you to recognize that every decision carries a cost and a trade-off. Indulging in excessive food today not only hampers your goal of achieving a beach body in a few months but also affects your long-term health 20 years down the line. Neglecting to save for retirement now sets you up for difficulties 40 years from now, and so on.

So how does this relate to us? When you consciously choose to prioritize personal growth over immediate comfort, you are strategically taking a step toward becoming the person you aspire to be. It comes with a cost, and that’s okay, because the cost of not pursuing it is even greater in some ways. This perspective shift will assist you in reframing your mindset the next time you feel tempted to mindlessly scroll or choose to put your phone down and add something of value to your life.

Sometimes it can be challenging because we often fail to recognize the trade-offs we make. However, every time we prioritize someone else’s happiness over our own, we are indeed making a trade-off. By neglecting to prioritize ourselves on a daily basis, such as not writing down our goals, exercising, or maintaining a healthy diet, we are also making a trade-off, sacrificing progress and personal growth for temporary ease or comfort.

What are your thoughts on tradeoffs? Shoot me an email or comment below, would love to hear your thoughts!

Want More?

Life is a series of Tradeoffs.

Another term for Tradeoffs is Opportunity Cost.

At times, these trade-offs may involve actions that we are reluctant to take, such as prioritizing ourselves and saying no to other commitments or obligations.

Read of the Week

To gain a better understanding of trade-offs, I recommend reading the book “Trade-Off: Why Some Things Catch On, and Others Don’t” by Kevin Maney. In this book, Maney explores how consumers navigate trade-offs between fidelity and convenience, and how these choices ultimately influence our purchasing behavior. It’s an excellent resource for delving deeper into the concept of trade-offs.

Thoughts to Leave you With

When I started this project, I was also choosing to trade off my leisure time with weekly writings, video recordings and script writing. It has been 5 months almost since I did this and I do feel tired , i will be honest. It is not fun to do this all the time. But I feel I gain more from doing this than I would from not doing it. Hence, I make a tradeoff, to keep continuing.



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