TEDxEindhoven Pitch Day

TEDxEindhoven Pitch Day

Hi There! This week has been nothing short of extraordinary for me. I had the incredible opportunity to take the stage at TEDxEindhoven and present my pitch for the upcoming TEDxEindhoven 2024 Event scheduled for November. But first…

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As the month winds down, it’s a time for reflection. We often start the month with high hopes and lofty goals, only to find ourselves reassessing priorities as we approach the end. It’s a moment of truth, revealing where our focus truly lies. Take a moment to consider what matters most to you as we move into the latter half of the month. You might just uncover a pattern that guides your future endeavors.

TEDxEindhoven Pitch Day

Reflecting on the election results in the Netherlands last year sparked a profound realization for me. It became apparent that there was a significant gap between what people were expecting and the results that came. Afterwards, during a routine visit to the mechanic, discussions on the election results unveiled a startling statistic: a 75% voter turnout, leaving me pondering the reasons behind such apathy toward political participation.

Hailing from Pakistan, where democracy often stands on shaky ground, I found it puzzling that a developed nation like the Netherlands would grapple with voter disengagement. Delving deeper, I discovered a documented decline in voter turnout over time, particularly among the youth. Many opt for alternative forms of political engagement, such as activism and community service, over traditional voting.

This realization fueled my curiosity, prompting me to explore the intersection of formal and informal political participation. When an opportunity arose to pitch my idea at TEDxEindhoven’s Pitch Day, I seized it eagerly. After a nerve-wracking wait, I received the exciting news that my pitch had been selected!

Pitch Day itself was a whirlwind of emotions. Surrounded by brilliant minds and inspiring ideas, I felt both exhilarated and anxious. Yet, despite the nerves, I was honored to be among the winners chosen to present at the main event in November.

In hindsight, the experience was nothing short of transformative. From sharing ideas with strangers to standing on stage, it was a journey filled with growth and discovery. And now, as I look ahead to November 8th, 2024, I invite you all to join me in Eindhoven as we explore the power of bridging ideas together.

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