Reflections on Personal Style

Reflections on Personal Style

Hi there! So, this week is going to be quite eventful for us. We have a series of birthday parties to attend over the weekend, which means we’ll be socializing with a lot of people. However, we’re a bit apprehensive because our daughter hasn’t had much exposure to crowds yet. But I guess that’s just part of the challenges of being new parents, right?

Anyway, today I want to discuss the impact of aesthetics on opportunities, based on some recent observations and reflections. But first..

Weekly Inventory Check

As we enter the final week of February, it’s time to reflect on our progress and realign our actions with our long-term objectives. With the leap year granting us an extra day, let’s seize this opportunity to make meaningful strides towards our goals. Stay focused, determined, and committed to achieving success in the long run.

Reflections on Personal Style

This week, as I went to work like always, I couldn’t stop thinking about personal style and how important it is. Even though I’m not really into fashion, I usually don’t think much about how I look. But lately, I’ve been wondering if how you look matters more than I thought. On my way to and from work, I noticed what people were wearing. In my office, everyone dresses nicely and looks confident.

Seeing all this made me think about my own clothes. I usually go for comfort over style. Even though everyone around me looks polished and put-together, I stick to what’s comfy for me.

I stood in the busy crowd at the train station and noticed a man and a woman who looked very classy in their carefully chosen clothes. It made me realize how different my outfit was – just a big sweater, worn-out jeans, and shoes bearing the scars of daily use. Thinking about this, I wondered if my casual way of dressing might be holding me back in social and work situations. It reminded me of talks I’ve had with my spouse, who always tells me to dress nicer. Even though I have different clothes to choose from, I usually end up wearing the same few outfits because they’re comfy and familiar.

But then, I bumped into someone on the train who was dressed really fancy, wearing clothes from a fancy brand. It got me thinking more deeply. At first, I wasn’t sure if those expensive clothes were really worth it. I started questioning if paying a lot meant they were really that good. This made me think about other stuff I buy, like game consoles and car features. I usually care more about how well they work than how they look. I usually mention to my wife that spending money on a jacket seems like a waste. She points out that I spend similar amounts on tech and I always argue back that tech serves different purposes and has different configurations. To me, clothing is the same. Whether it’s a €100 jacket or a €500 one, they both keep me warm and dry. But a PS5 offers games that I can’t play on a PS4 or PS3, so I feel justified in that purchase.

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Our upcoming meet up is scheduled for March. I will share the details and registration link soon.

Thoughts to Leave You With

I invite readers to join me in a reflection on the role of aesthetics in our lives. While I continue to prioritize utility and functionality, I recognize the potential impact of outward appearance on various aspects of life. As I navigate this ongoing internal dialogue, I seek to understand whether my reluctance to prioritize aesthetics may be inadvertently closing doors to opportunities. Ultimately, I aim to strike a balance between comfort and presentation, ensuring that my choices align with my values and goals.

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