Reflecting on 2023

Reflecting on 2023

Hi there! We are in the second-to-last week of the year. I don’t know about you, but I am super excited about 2024. I cannot wait to see what’s coming, especially with the start of our roundtable conference. Get ready for a year of building accountability and transparency but first…

Weekly Inventory Check

What did you want to do in 2023? Did you do it? Think about what you planned and what unexpectedly went well. Be thankful for the good surprises. If you didn’t finish everything, don’t worry. Sometimes it takes longer. Look back and see what worked and what didn’t. Plan carefully and keep going. You can achieve a lot. Your future is in your hands. Keep going, work hard, and don’t give up.

Reflecting on 2023

Reflecting on the year is a valuable practice. Since the beginning of the year, we have emphasized the importance of having these conversations about how we gauge our progress. The reason behind this is simple: the information we gather from our experiences is the information we retain through documentation. While our brains have ample storage, they don’t remember everything, and that’s why writing things down becomes crucial. Documenting allows us to revisit our experiences, measure our growth, and evaluate our learning and curiosity.

I want to clarify that I’m not suggesting an exhaustive documentation of every single detail, creating an tedious task for ourselves. However, I believe that documentation and feedback play essential roles in human development and understanding. Personally, I consume various forms of media like podcasts, books, and movies. More often than not, I don’t recall everything I’ve encountered. What sticks with me are the things I’ve taken the time to write down. Those interesting tidbits become the moments I share with others. The act of writing aids in sharing, understanding, and incorporating these insights into our lives.

Therefore, it’s beneficial to jot down your experiences so far to gain a clear perspective on how the year unfolded. Capture the highlights, lowlights, and the best stories of the year. This documentation allows you to revisit these moments in the last two weeks of the year, providing a comprehensive review. Armed with these reflections, you’ll be better prepared to step into the new year with purpose and awareness.

Want More?

This article outlines the importance of jotting down your goals. By doing so, you not only clarify what you want to accomplish in the future but also ensure that you are emotionally and intellectually committed to reaching those goals.

This article highlights that the likelihood of achieving your goals increases by 42 percent when you take the time to write them down.

This article challenges the idea that writing things down is a key factor for success, arguing that the act of writing may lack sufficient emotional intensity to significantly contribute to achieving success.

Reel of the Week

Check out our reel of the week. Here I talk about how important it is to have a conversation with yourself at least once, at the end of the day and writing down the highs and lows experienced

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The Weekly Vasl Podcast

Our Episode on Lebanese Heart, Emirati Spirit, Canadian Dreams is out now! You can watch it below! This Friday, I hosted David Cantor, an accomplished author and lawyer from New York, USA. With a background as a tech founder and international lawyer across 35+ countries, Cantor has transitioned from corporate hubs in Beijing to a tranquil life in Italy. His creative works include the reissued memoir “The Two Apostles” (2014), and in November 2023, he released his debut book, ‘I Am Q – Seeking Human Connections.’ This engaging work explores contemporary themes like artificial intelligence, social networks, and corporate responsibility without explicitly using the term “AI.” Cantor also addressed common challenges for writers, such as overcoming writer’s block, emphasizing the mental exercise of persistent writing. He discussed how technology, particularly AI, is impacting human connections and personal time, raising concerns about the displacement of jobs, especially for millennials.

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The upcoming meet up will be a quick roundtable preview where we’ll discuss the format in a fast-paced manner. We aim to demonstrate how a roundtable operates through an in-person example and highlight its benefits. I encourage anyone interested to join us. Additionally, you can become part of this meetup group to access the event online.

During the preview, we’ll explore the roundtable concept by inviting everyone to share an obstacle they’re facing. Together, we’ll brainstorm and work through potential solutions. This sneak peek will give you a glimpse of what to expect at the actual roundtable event.

The Round Table

I am excited to introduce the Round Table at Vasl.

Here, you have the opportunity to join a group for the upcoming quarter. Together, we will determine your quarterly goals and form a cohesive group centered around shared themes. You will get a chance to learn about 12 agile principals in 12 weeks that will help you get closer to reaching your goals. While I aim for a certain level of similarity to facilitate cohesive discussions, I also appreciate the value of diverse experiences. The goal is to create a supportive environment where learning from varied perspectives is encouraged.

We are opening eight seats for this group where I will act as the facilitator. Throughout the journey, you’ll be backed by your fellow peers, have access to shared resources and as I tend to introduce shared Notion Space where we can all collaborate and exchange resources. If this opportunity resonates with you, you can sign up now using the following the link.

Please note that this commitment is non-binding initially. You will first fill out a form, and we will assess if we are a match. Once we think you are a match, you will be officially sent an invitation.

However, I must stress that there are limited seats available—only six to eight seats. So act quick to secure a spot in this cohort, as we wouldn’t want you to miss out on this opportunity. The upcoming cohort will commence at the beginning of the year, with the following cohort scheduled for March 2024.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Round Table and witnessing the positive impact it will have on your personal and professional growth.

Thoughts to Leave You With

Expressing ourselves through writing, getting feedback, and keeping communication open takes effort. The thing is, it shouldn’t feel like a lot of effort. It should be as natural as watching TV, working, or eating, just a normal part of being human. Let’s normalise writing stuff down and having a feedback loop. 

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