Life without a Smartphone

Life without a Smartphone

Hi there! We are halfway through October, but Eindhoven’s weather is unusually warm. This is the warmest October I’ve seen in the past six years. I’m having an amazing time with my family, especially because my mom is visiting and meeting my daughter for the first time. I’m really cherishing these moments and appreciating life. Today, I want to talk about living a simpler life without a smartphone, which I think can be really interesting. I had an unfortunate incident with my phone, and that got me into thinking what if I don’t buy another smartphone. But first

Weekly Inventory Check

Sometimes, we get so caught up in our daily routines that we forget to see the bigger picture. That’s why I think it’s really important to do regular checks on what we’re doing. Take a step back and look at your daily and weekly activities. Ask yourself if these things give you energy or if you’re just doing them out of habit. Our brains are wired to automate tasks and habits to save energy, which is great for survival. But in today’s world where we have enough food and energy, this autopilot mode can lead to doing things without thinking if they really make sense for us.

Navigating the Digital Age with Mindfulness and Purpose

I had a bit of a phone disaster last week. My new Samsung phone that I got just a couple of months back, despite having all the fancy protective layers, ended up with a cracked screen after I dropped it. It’s baffling how these high-tech phones can be so delicate. The most vulnerable part is the curved glass area, and that’s exactly where mine hit the ground. So, I had to go without my phone for about a week. Initially, it was frustrating, but it turned out to be one of my best weeks.

During this time, I borrowed my wife’s work phone, which didn’t have many of the apps I usually rely on. Surprisingly, this made me realize how much time I waste on my phone. Without constant YouTube, WhatsApp, and email notifications, I felt more present in the moment. I noticed the world around me, the people, and their interactions, instead of staring at a screen all the time.

Now, I’m considering using my phone less, maybe even switching to a basic phone for essential communication. This experience made me feel more relaxed and focused. I’m not constantly checking messages or social media, and it’s great for my mental clarity and productivity. I’m curious to see how this change will continue to affect my life. If anyone else wants to try this out, feel free to join me, but remember, it’s your choice entirely. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes!

A quick interesting fact:

An average person spends 90 minutes a day on his phone. That figure may not sound like a lot but that amounts up to 23 days a year and 3.9 years of the average person’s life is spent staring at their phone screen.

Want More?

Even though I prefer using basic phones, I’ve shared two articles that oppose my view and one that supports it. This way, you can see both sides of the argument.

This article talks about how using a dumb phone can be really freeing. It makes you pay attention to what’s happening right now, helps you take a break from technology, keeps your personal information safe, and saves you money.

This article looks at the good and bad sides of smartphones. It focuses on the good things, how they make our lives easier and more convenient.

This article talks about the new Samsung phones that can replace PCs. It explores how smartphones can now do many things that PCs can do.

Reel of the Week

Check out our reel of the week where I discussed the integration of technology into nearly every aspect of our lives. I elaborated that how with its convenience and addictive nature, it has made it increasingly difficult to enjoy capital time with loved ones without having to repeatedly check our phones and other paired devices.

Instagram post by @thisisvasl

Thoughts to leave you with

I’m not saying I want to live without technology in my life. My home is pretty high-tech; I’ve set up Google Assistant in my house to control things like the temperature and charging docks. I find it really useful. I believe technology can be great, but it’s easy to get too caught up in it. We’re so used to smartphones and constant notifications that we forget life without them. It’s not that technology itself is bad; it’s how it demands our attention. Smart devices like speakers or heaters are fine, but smartphones can be overwhelming with their notifications, urging us to spend time on apps we don’t even enjoy. That’s what I’m focusing on – being mindful about how I use technology. My computer, for instance, is essential for my job, so I value it. But not all tech is automatically good, and we need to be wise about how we use it.


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