Incorporating Mindful Living

Incorporating Mindful Living

Hi there! Valentine’s Day is here, and it brings along a lot of influence to do something special on the 14th of this month. It’s basically a marketing trick, and our biases are exploited in trying to adhere to these marketing schemes. I want to discuss how we are exploited through this and how to take back control, but first….

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As we enter the second week of February, it’s a perfect time for reflection and anticipation. Reflect on the events and actions of January, assessing their alignment with your current goals. Evaluate whether your past efforts are propelling you toward your objectives for this month. Additionally, envision what you aspire to accomplish in February to contribute to your overarching goals for the year. Begin by taking incremental steps toward these aspirations; this is where your focus should lie this week.

Incorporating Mindful Living

Lately, I’ve been really focused on how we’re not really in control of what we consume. It’s not really about us as individuals, but more about how the system around us is designed. We’re encouraged to keep scrolling endlessly on our devices, tapping into our dopamine receptors. Shows are set up to auto-play the next episode, making it easy for us to keep watching without even getting up. Our cravings for sugar, which used to help us survive, are now being exploited to make us eat more than we need. Our bodies haven’t caught up with the changes in our environment and technology. We’re bombarded with products and ads that target our human biases and natural tendencies, leaving us feeling like we’re not really in control.

This month, it’s the same story. Valentine’s Day is here, and suddenly everyone wants to go all out with fancy restaurants, flowers, chocolates, and heart-shaped everything. But do we really know where these traditions came from? We’ve heard of St. Valentine, sure, but where did the heart symbol, the flowers, and the fancy dinners originate? The problem is, we don’t ask these questions. We’re not encouraged to take back control and understand the reasons behind these customs. Instead, we just go along with the flow, following the automated patterns. Human beings are naturally lazy; we want to conserve energy. So our brains try to make things easier by automating tasks, because thinking uses up a lot of energy. In fact, the brain uses more energy compared to the rest of the body relative to its size. That’s why our bodies and brains prefer to automate things – it’s a survival strategy to conserve energy.

Thus, habits form because our brains teach our muscles and bodies to do things repeatedly, like stretching, walking, or drinking water. These actions become like muscle memory, so our bodies automatically respond when triggered. For example, if we’re used to getting up and feeling thirsty, we will instinctively go drink water without thinking. This happens all around us. Our brains aren’t as active because we are bombarded with sensory experiences and marketing that keeps us glued to screens and routines. . I’m uncertain whether to feel bothered by this situation. I’m unsure whether to blame those perpetuating it or to feel frustrated with myself for not being more mindful. Even if I talk about not wanting to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I might still end up doing it this year. If I like it or not, I’m still taking part in this tradition, whether willingly or not.

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Thoughts to Leave You With

I’m still considering planning a special dinner with my wife for Valentine’s Day, but honestly, I’m confused whether my desire stems from genuine enjoyment or if it’s influenced by pervasive social pressures and advertisements surrounding the event. While we might not immediately abandon this tradition, it’s worth acknowledging that change takes time. Just as cigarettes were once glamorized before research revealed their harmful effects, habits and societal norms can persist despite their negative impacts. That said, I propose we contemplate reclaiming control over our daily routines, from our morning rituals to bedtime habits. Let’s prioritize activities that truly bring us joy rather than simply adhering to societal expectations. While I don’t expect us to forgo celebrating Valentine’s Day altogether, I urge us to critically assess why we engage in certain behaviors and recognize the influence of external forces. Ultimately, let’s empower ourselves to make conscious choices that align with our values and desires.

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