Embracing Discipline in Chilly Challenges

Embracing Discipline in Chilly Challenges

Hi there! It’s January, and things are busy. I have taken on a new project that requires me to go to the office occasionally. This week, I had to make the trip three times, which is unusual for me. The trains were not running smoothly because of the weather, so I had to drive instead. It was not a pleasant experience. Speaking of the weather, there is something I would like to talk about, but first…

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Think about the advice I have been sharing for the past year. It’s all about doing things over and making them better. Find what is working and fix what is not, and keep doing that. It is all about repeating and improving. If you put in some effort, you can achieve your goals by the end of the year. Remember, some things take time, so be patient and strong. Just do your best and stay hopeful for good outcomes.

Embracing Discipline in Chilly Challenges

Discipline can be tough, especially when faced with challenging weather conditions like heavy snowfall like we are experiencing here, in the Netherlands. Unlike before, I now have to commute a lot for the new project, exposing me to the difficulties caused by snow on roads and public transportation. Normally, my commute to the office takes around 1 hour and 10 minutes, but due to weather-related issues, it has extended to over two hours on some days. This not only affects work travel but also everyday tasks like grocery shopping, exercising, and socializing.

In a recent podcast conversation with William, he shared a valuable perspective. Despite heavy rain, he maintained his routine of daily walks with his dog, emphasizing the importance of discipline during challenging weather. The idea is that discipline becomes crucial when faced with adversity. It is easy to stay motivated and stick to routines when everything is going smoothly, but discipline plays a key role when external factors make things difficult.

During seasons when motivation is naturally high, like in the summer or at the beginning of the year, people often find it easier to work towards their goals. However, maintaining discipline becomes vital during unfavorable conditions, such as extreme weather or when facing the temptation to deviate from established habits. Relying solely on willpower may lead to slipping up, making it essential to automate and build systems that support consistent behavior. Examples of such systems include preparing for morning runs by sleeping in gym clothes or placing workout gear next to the bed. I use a scheduled electric heater to make my room warm in the chilly morning, making it easier for me to get up. The idea is to build personal systems that automate and handle decision-making, so I don’t have to rely too much on willpower.

Honestly, I really love snow. It’s so pretty, and maybe I like it a lot because I haven’t seen it much in my life. When I talk to people here in the Netherlands, they’re tired of it, especially the rain, because we get more rain than snow. But I enjoy both because they’re not common for me. The newness of it is amazing. On the other hand, I don’t like the sun much because I’ve lived in hot places with temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius most of my life. Sweating all the time isn’t enjoyable. This is a good example of how something new can be a motivator.

In essence, the message is to acknowledge the challenges brought by extreme weather and implement systems that support discipline. By automating aspects of daily routines and relying on established systems, individuals can maintain consistency in their habits and work towards their goals despite unfavourable conditions.

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Our Episode on Self-discipline yourself with the help of your pet dog is out now! You can watch it below! This Friday, I was joined by William Petruzzo, a photographer with a deep sense of compassion. William, not only a skilled photographer but also a self-taught dog trainer, discovered his love for dogs later in life. Since that pivotal day, William has been captivated by these animals, conducting thorough research to master the art of dog training. His dedication aims to instill discipline in dogs, enabling them to lead leash-free lives.

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Thoughts to Leave You With

If winter and snow are infrequent in your region, as is the case for me, the snow might persist for only a brief period, considering historical patterns. However, given the uncertainties associated with climate change, this duration remains uncertain. Consequently, view this circumstance as a source of motivation. Reflect on the unique opportunities presented by the occasional presence of snow. Consider the potential for engaging in physical activities like working out or taking walks in the snow-laden environment. Deliberately incorporate these experiences into your routine to establish a potent synergy of motivation and consistency that proves challenging to surpass.

Adjust your perspective on the situation, embrace a positive mindset, and integrate these experiences into your daily regimen. Doing so yields a formidable combination of motivation and steadfastness. Seek out the favorable aspects of this inclement weather and naturally foster close relationships with others. Leverage the opportunity to maximize your social connections, as adverse weather conditions need not impede interpersonal engagement.

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