Embracing Balance

Embracing Balance

Hi there! Greetings from Bordeaux, where our journey is winding down with Paris as our final stop. We’re here celebrating my wife’s friend’s birthday, reconnecting with old friends, and enjoying the bliss of these moments that transcend distance. Today, I want to delve into positive psychology, particularly in the context of work, and discuss how some find themselves unhappy in their careers, and what we can do about it. But first, let’s take stock with our weekly inventory check.

Weekly Inventory Check

 As we near the end of the month, it’s time for reflection. What did we accomplish? What falls short? How can we improve next month? Let’s delve deep to understand our motivations and set clear intentions for the future.

Embracing Balance

Throughout my career, I’ve viewed that working eight hours a day serves as a means to fully enjoy and make the most of the remaining sixteen hours. Mental health and well-being were distant concerns; work was work, and that was that. However, the pervasive hustle culture that I have also talked about a lot in my previous newsletters has begun to seep into our lives, creating unnecessary stress and impacting mental health.

I firmly believe that productivity and efficiency within designated work hours (typically eight hours) should suffice. The pressure to constantly exceed expectations and climb the corporate ladder often leads to burnout. There will always be work; it’s an inevitable part of professional life. Recognizing this can empower us to prioritize our health and well-being without guilt.

From my experience as a consultant, I have observed that many people feel overwhelmed by the amount of work they have. It’s important to recognize that work will always be present. Whether you open your laptop tomorrow or a week from now, there will always be a plethora of tasks waiting for you. The business remains unfinished and that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Ultimately, achieving peace of mind doesn’t always mean chasing greater wealth or career advancement. It’s about making conscious choices that align with our values and well-being. We have more control over our stress levels than we realize; it begins with awareness and making intentional decisions.

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Reel of the Week

Check this out! Success isn’t one-size-fits-all. For some, it’s about productivity and career achievements. For others, it’s about personal well-being and happiness. And for many, it’s about spiritual fulfillment and living according to their faith. How do you define success in your life? Share your thoughts and celebrate your unique journey

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The Weekly Vasl Podcast

Our episode on The Science of Happiness is out now. You can watch it below. Positive Psychology and mindfulness help to build resilience in the face of challenges and foster positive relationships in life, Join myself and Indre in this repeated telecast where we not only discuss the science of happiness but also help in its integration into life with the help of simple exercises that can aid in enabling to live a more fuller life.

Thoughts to Leave You With

As we navigate the complexities of work and life, remember that each day presents choices. Recognize the value of your time and energy—prioritize what brings you joy and fulfillment. Whether it’s dedicating quality time with loved ones, pursuing personal passions, or simply finding moments of peace, these decisions shape our well-being. Embrace the balance that allows you to thrive professionally and personally. Thank you for joining me on this journey of reflection, and may you find harmony in your pursuits.

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