Life is not black and white; there is some gray nuance to it

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I’ve been employed as a consultant and data scientist in Eindhoven, Netherlands. I have come to work with many organizations where I get to train their employees in the Data Management and Literacy domain. From time to time, I find it gratifying to engage in conversations surrounding challenging topics that often go unaddressed. I assist individuals in navigating these dialogues and making them more manageable.


Recognizing my strong enthusiasm for this particular area, I made the choice to extend my reach globally through discussions. This marked the inception of my journey into podcasting. The goal is straightforward to establish connections with individuals who share similar interests and, through our conversations, enhance our capacity to raise awareness among my audience about prevalent global intricacies that seldom receive substantial discourse.


Having modest aspirations can sometimes restrict our potential, but by embracing ambitious dreams, we create room for personal expansion. Aspiring to be a Life Coach has long been a passion of mine, and through conducting training sessions with numerous organizations, this aspiration has taken on tangible form. In doing so, I have the opportunity to engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds who are grappling with their aspirations and purpose. My objective is to facilitate their journey and render the process more manageable for them



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